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# a symbol of royalty, but not as regal as the crown on a king?‘s head.
For Tudor, it all started in February 1926 when the trademark ?~The Tudor?㊣ was registered in Geneva for Hans Wilsdorf by the widow of watchmaker Philippe H“1ther. Ten years later, Wilsdorf had the name fully transferred to himself, and Tudor got its rose-and-shield logo. Just like the Rolex coronet, it was a symbol of royalty, but not as regal as the crown on a king?‘s head. And in 1946, Montres Tudor S.A. was born. Early advertising for Tudor watches shows both the rose-and-shield logo and the rose-only logo that took its place shortly thereafter.

And that is it for this week. What do you think of the watches mentioned here today? Be sure to let me know in the comments! What do you like, and what do you dislike? Also, do let me know of any brilliant April Fools pranks you might have seen this year. I always enjoy a good giggle.

It takes some time for the disappointment to sink in. At first, no one believed it. The weather seems to be in our favor. The weather seems to be serene, blissful. We are all deflated by the news that wind speeds above our heads are too high. We can only handle a maximum of 5-6kph for a launch that is safe. There are winds gusting to 12kph above the launch pad. We risk having the balloon blow back to base and crash replica mens rolex into the dome if we launch in such conditions. This will destroy both the precious cargo of the balloon and our hopes for a successful mission. We reluctantly accept the advice from the experts and make our way to The Dome or the hotel to maximize the time we have suddenly been given.

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RN: And what else is in your collection? I seem to remember fake rolex milgauss you wearing a Speedmaster when we worked at Omega (when you weren’t showing off your gingham-dialed Tangente). If memory serves it was a MOP dialed Speedy reduced, but I might just have imagined that…

The 44-9990 was the second King Seiko model produced and was the precursor to the 4420-9990 shown above. It was also the inspiration for the new King Seiko models. This watch, with its large triangular chamfers on the lugs, eases in the ※Grammar of Design§ ethos. However, it also keeps a foot in the past with fairly traditional looks. These watches typically have the original King Seiko ※shield§ logo on the case back medallion, which also makes them a bit different than later models. Seiko equipped them with an ※S W§ (Seiko Waterproof) crown and an incredibly tall acrylic crystal. These watches were also fairly beefy with a 36.6mm diameter. Expect to pay over $1,000 to $1,500 for one of these watches with their hacking 44A hand-wound movements. Here again, watch out for polished lugs and stained dials ?a I looked recently and couldn*t find anything for sale without one of those maladies! Also, head over to Worn & Wound to read our buddy Stoph McNeill*s article about this lovely piece.


On the wrist, I have to say I really enjoyed both models. At 38 mm with a 6.75-inch wrist, the case size is, well, just perfect for me. After years of adjusting, 36-40 mm is my personal sweet spot, and this is dead center, so I may be biased there. The aesthetics of both are undeniably “field watches,” and if you are in the market for one you will not be disappointed with either model. Although many other durable field watches can be found for much less than the price point of these, no bargain beater can hold a candle to the type of thought and craftsmanship put into these timepieces. That being said, the exhibition case backs of both models add nicely to the overall presentation of the timepieces but slightly underwhelm due to a sparsity of details on the movements, particularly the automatic. That can also be considered the charm, especially on the automatic model with its oversized rotor adorned with a Weiss cutout. While I thought the vastly thinner case of the manual was more comfortable on the wrist, I felt it wore slightly longer than the automatic likely due to the auto’s tall stature. For me, the shorter wearing, although the much taller case of the automatic felt more “right” on the wrist after wearing both for an extended period. It must be mentioned my Instagram #watchfam, that as far as photographing goes, I found both to be difficult to capture due to their reflective crystals. The automatic was slightly more troublesome, likely due to its lack of or less AR coating. After handling both, I am likely adding a Weiss to my collection, the danger of being both a reviewer and a watch collecting addict. Both models check most, if not all, field watch boxes. In the end, I personally give a slight nod to the automatic issue over the manual, likely due to its syringe hands and hacking seconds at nine although I would not mind sipping some latte every now and then.

The first watch on this list was a no-brainer. It was my favorite release of this year’s Watches And Wonders and it will definitely be high up my list of the best releases of 2022. You have probably read all about it, but let’s remind ourselves of the brilliance of the gold reissue of the iconic 222. When Vacheron Constantin announced the reissue of the 222, we knew it was going to be good. A lot of people love the oyster-perpetual rolex replica characteristic 1970s design of the watch that hadn’t been part of the exact replicas of rolex Vacheron Constantin collection since 1985. The 37mm tonneau-shaped case with the notched bezel, the well-balanced dial, and the elegant bracelet make this an iconic statement.

The screw locked crown has a second position which will allow the hour hand on the main dial to disengage from the movement and jump forward or backward in one hour increments. The movement continues to run while the hour hand jumps to synchronize with a new time zone when traveling, keeping the 3880 accurate to the second even while making time zone adjustments. An aperture located inside the 6 o?clock sub dial displays the date which is linked to the time shown on the main dial. The running seconds sub dial at 9 o?clock moves very swiftly as it makes one full revolution here every 30 seconds, a constant reminder of the ultra high frequency movement powering it.

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